Lockdown life – 14 weeks in


Lockdown life – 14 weeks in

If you’d have told me this time last year that I’d be sitting at home every weekend in quarter 2 of 2020, I’d have probably thought you were insane. It’s no secret that the events industry has been hit hard during the lockdown and I’m certainly no exception. 58 confirmed events for 2020 have been now wiped out of this year’s diary and I’m sure that number will increase in the coming months.

Despite all the doom and gloom and serious lack of social interaction, I’m actually feeling really good and positive about things;

  • The vast majority of the 58 events mentioned haven’t cancelled outright – they’re simply being postponed to future dates. There’s also a constant stream of new enquiries coming through on a daily basis, which always fills me with confidence.
  • My passion for music and performance is as strong as ever and I’m currently spending around 6hrs each week perfecting skills and learning new techniques. The DJMG Kitchen Disco is now a permanent fixture and my mini mixes are landing via Soundcloud every Friday. Have a listen here.
  • Business networking and marketing are a constant in my world and lockdown has given me more time for this. I’m now a member of Handpicked Harrogate and I’ve recently had a nice feature article in Your Yorkshire Wedding Magazine. Weekly industry meetings have also helped me forge new business relationships and some great new friendships – long may this continue.




I’ve no doubt there’s still a long way to go before we return to any version of normality. However, you can rest assured I’ll keep doing my utmost and pushing things forward so as soon as we can… I’ll be there for you!

Take care & keep smiling,