Loads of sax for DJ Mark Green!

Loads of sax for DJ Mark Green!

I find myself this week preparing to go into a busy 2019 finale and first off, a trip to the chiropractor to straighten up the bones following a crazy summer and then a run through of the calendar to plan out hotel & travel arrangements for December.  As I scan through the diary, it’s just hit me how many DJ & Sax events I actually perform at – it’s a lot!

I’ve been providing this service for around 4 years now and initially, I thought it might be a trend that we’d see the back of after a couple of summers. The 2019/20/21 booking calendar totally proves my initial thoughts wrong and if anything, requests for this combo are on the rise…. and understandably – it’s really cool!

So… thinking of having a DJ & Sax combo for your next event? Here are a couple of things to be aware of when booking;

Most sax players will be able to jam along with almost any tune, however it takes a lot more than a good player to deliver a memorable performance. It’s always a good idea ask for video/website links to see them in action before you book.

Does the sax player have a wireless set up? This is a must for me as it enables the player to move around and interact with the dancefloor.

What experience does the DJ have? If the DJs skill set is limited, you can expect the performance to be too. Ideally your DJ needs to be competent in mixing beats and harmonies to pull off a good sax set. Again, video links and websites are all good ways to ensure your booking a professional who can deliver.

Have the duo worked together before? I’ve pulled off some great parties in the past where I’ve only met the musician an hour or so before, however the set is always more fluid if the team has worked together previously.

As always, I’m available through the usual channels for a chat if you’d like more info on this subject.

See you on the dance floor!