Catering for the senses


Catering for the senses

Over the years I’ve been extremely fortunate to both relax and perform in some amazing venues across the world. Soaking up breath-taking sunsets, indulging in fabulous food & drink and of course… losing myself in some enchanting soundtracks. With COVID restrictions being eased on weddings last month, I’m pulling on these past experiences more and more to deliver at a different kind of wedding – a COVID secure wedding.

There’s no dancing currently allowed at weddings so the “hype man” role has been made redundant for now and to replace this, I find myself catering for the senses. Creating the ambience for someone’s big day whilst complimenting the food, the drink, the venue… the sunset.

Understandably for many couples, getting married without having a huge bash at the end of the day isn’t their ideal, but it’s important to know there are options. I’ve recently had the privilege of performing at 3 COVID secure weddings and they’ve been truly amazing occasions. Close friends & family members all coming together to celebrate a marriage and enjoy their day.

For myself, the process building up to a COVID secure wedding isn’t too different. I’m still engaging in pre-wedding planning sessions (although they are currently via Zoom and there are a few more questions). The main difference for me is the paperwork. Method statements & risk assessments are carried out & circulated prior to the event and my bottle of sanitiser & custom face masks are following me round in the van. It’s a very small price to pay to keep things moving.

Having now witnessed and been involved first-hand, if you want to get married this year, get a professional supply team in place and just do it!

Special thanks go to Helen Davies for her first-class planning skills and coordination. Highly recommend getting in touch with Helen if you’re wanting a 2020 wedding, as she too has experience planning/delivering in the current climate.

Take care & keep safe,